Winter 2022

Misting Dragon Martial Arts is committed to providing the highest quality martial arts instruction and training in a friendly, positive environment. Individuals of all ages with or without previous martial arts experience can learn to defend themselves, receive a great workout, have fun, and improve as individuals. In addition to punching and kicking techniques of Tae Kwon Do, students learn self-defense and martial arts weaponry.

Beginner Taekwondo: This 8 week program is for all ages 5 and up, who have less than 1 year of experience in Taekwondo. This class is an introduction to “empty hand” defense. Students will learn punches, kicks and traditional form.
Time: Monday/Wednesday 6:00 – 6:35p

Intermediate Taekwondo: This 8 week program is for ages 8-16 years old with over 1 year of experience. Students will advance in sparring situations and begin to learn falling and throwing techniques from a variety of defense positions.
Time: Monday/Wednesday 6:45 – 7:30p

Adult Taekwondo: This 8 week program is for ages 16 and up, any experience level. Students will work at skill level, defining punches kicks and sparring tactics. Advanced students will progress to weaponry attacks and defense.
Time: Monday/Wednesday 7:40 – 8:25p

Registration Begins: November 5
Registration Deadline: January 7
Fee: $75
Member Fee: $50

Program Dates: January 10 – March 2