Want to join our Corporate Membership Program?

The Cedar Valley SportsPlex offers a discount of 10% off the basic membership fee, and an additional 5% off if your company agrees to a payroll deduction option for employees. Being
involved in this program will help you control rising healthcare costs, increase productivity and create a healthy company culture.

Corporate Wellness Program Membership As a corporate wellness program member, your company will receive:

  • 10% OFF the basic membership fee
  • ADDITIONAL 5% OFF if your company allows payroll deduction

Contact Courtney at courtney.coleman@waterloo-ia.org for details.

15% Payroll deduct option:

  1. Payroll deduction for gym membership will occur every month.
  2. Your signature is required to start and/or stop your payroll deduction.
  3. The discounted membership rate is only given to those who agree to payroll deduction.
  4. We require 20 days advance notice to stop your payroll deduction. Failure to notify us timely will result in your gym membership being extended one more month.
  5. There will be no refunds given for monthly gym memberships through payroll.